Daily Look as of Late: Sick Days

I’ve been ill for the past two weeks, and for the most part, I stayed at home incredibly unmotivated to do much of anything. Sometimes, when you’re ill, it’s easy to have a sour attitude, and looking dreadful for days on end really exacerbates things. In fact, my hideous [but also incredibly comfortable] pajamas came out of the closet, and I don’t think I ran a comb through my hair for a few days. Guys, that’s how I roll when I’m ill. Anyhow, there came a point in my week, where I thought, “Enough, girl. Let’s get it together.”

Nothing helps me “get it together” more than a shower and doing my makeup. Everything else falls into place. So I got to doing my makeup in the mornings, and I focused on brightening, while keeping things light and natural.  And you know what? I felt better!

Before- Daily Look as of Late

Before Makeup Talble 1

After- Makeup Table 2

Daily Look as Of Lick - Sick Days

 *All products have been linked to their own pages for more product information.*


The key to brightening up your face without piling on concealer is to exfoliate, moisturize, and use high-coverage foundation – apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer that is every so slightly lighter than your natural skin tone.  This really brightens your face up and makes you look well rested and radiant. 

Origins ‘Charcoal Mask’ – This is a new product for me, and it’s quite evident from the first image that my face has seen better days. I have quite a few spots, and I needed a deep clean. I applied a thin layer of this paste onto my face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Washed off with warm water and patted dry.

Origins ‘A Perfect World’ Moisturizer – After the charcoal mask, I ran to this moisturizer to hydrate my skin before it had a chance to go dry and tight. I’ve been looking for a more luxurious daily moisturizer than Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizer, and I’ve been wanting to test Origins’ waters for a while now. I thought now would be a good time to splurge on an item. [Sometimes, even for a fleeting minute, purchasing a gift for yourself can make your day. Isn’t that so?] This is a pricey item for the amount you get, but it is such a rich moisturizer and I can feel the quality as I massage this into my skin.  I also foresee that this will last for a good 6-8 months before running out because you really don’t need much to moisturize your entire face. So far so good!

Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer in Light 1 – This is a new product that I am trying to use in lieu of my NARS Tinted Moisturizer. It comes in  6 self-adjusting shades. I was torn between Light 1 and Light 2, but after they adjusted to my skin tone, I gravitated to Light 1 because it made me look brighter and luminous. This is a very thick formula that takes some arm work to buff into your skin. It also takes a good 5-10 minutes to adjust to your skin tone. It gives medium coverage, and I also used it over my blemishes as concealer. My skin does not look flawless, but I’m ok with that for the day-to-day grind.


The first give-aways that you are ill or not feeling your best are your eyes. Discoloration seems much more apparent when you haven’t slept well and feel ill. The days my eyes look dull, I spend an extra moment smoothing my foundation over my lids and I add a bit more foundation love to the areas under my eyes. This really helps to even out your skin tone and you’ll feel and look much more awake! For eye shadows, use natural color schemes that are illuminating to help with brightening that area. 

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Iced Latte – This is a beautiful champagne color that instantly brightens up my eyes. I used my finger to apply this all over my lids, inner tear duct, and dragged some under my bottom lashes with a brush. This line of eye shadows is fantastic for the drugstore!

Stila Eye Shadow in Light Apricot – This is a pinkish-mauve color that is very pigmented. I applied this on top of my lids over the Iced Latte and dragged my brush along my lower lashes as well.

Clinique Eye Liner in Intense Ebony – This is an eyeliner that I talk about often, mainly because I use it so often! I tight lined my upper eyelid and closely traced my top lashes to give some depth and fullness to my eyes.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude – A great drugstore eyeliner that I’ve mentioned in a post before. I love using this to line my lower inner rim to open , lift, and brighten up my eyes. Be gentle as you apply, as it can look odd after being applied with a heavy hand.

Josie Maran Argan Triple Volume Mascara – This mascara is a nice everyday mascara that elongates, thickens, and lifts your eyelashes. It doesn’t clump and your eyelashes just look incredibly lush.


I’ve been emphasizing my blush more than my bronzer lately and I like the finished look! A generous dose of pink blush keeps you looking youthful and vibrant, and again, brightens up your face. I sill use a bit of a bronze color to add definition to my face, but the focus is on my pink cheeks as opposed to my chiseled, bronze cheek bones. 

NYX Blush in Terra Cotta – This was the first purchase of many that I made after getting hooked onto Essie Button’s beauty blog and YouTube Channel. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out. She’s great! This is a subtle shimmery bronzer with peach undertones. I use this along my temples and under my cheek bones. It puts definition back into my face after it being washed out by my foundation.

Josie Maran Blush in Passion – A perky pink that I’ve come to love. I really enjoy using this daily and I’ve been extra generous with my dose of blush while being ill. It’s very pigmented and brightens up my face!


For days that I’m unwell, I usually stick to lip balm, but I recently got this item from Sephora and I really like this color and the texture of this product. It’s light, glossy, and very moisturizing for a lipstick. 

Makeup For Ever Lipstick in Artist Natural – An incredibly moisturizing and translucent lipstick in a rusty – nude color that keeps this look appropriate for days you’re not feeling so well.


On Change

I’ve been missing on Consumer Cairo for the past two weeks for a reason, and that’s because I’ve been going through a lot of unwarranted changes, and at times, I find myself barely staying afloat. I feel overwhelmed and as though I stand at the epicenter of a series of turbulent life changes. I’ve come to learn a few life lessons that I hope to share and reinforce in my own mind. Bur first, let me tell you a little bit about these unwarranted changes.

Caveat: This post is a glimpse into the rhetoric between what is my rational mind and what is the incredibly flighty, irrational mind [which is disturbingly always the more powerful mind] 

Housing Home is where the heart is, isn’t that so? Recently, I was deceived by my landlord and was told I had to leave my apartment within a month – for reasons that are not important to delve into here – but the point is, it was uncalled for. I pushed back, but by the time I received a final “no” from him, I had two weeks to find a room in Berkeley’s very competitive housing market. Just in the nick of time, a woman responded to my housing post and offered her extra room to me. Now, I was incredibly desperate and motivated to find a place that I gave the unit a quick glance, and took a leap of faith and hoped the woman I was living with had all of the fundamental qualities anyone would want in a flatmate. I also had to accept having two outdoor/indoor cats as guests in the house as well. The night I moved in, I felt a panic attack was soon to come. I was alone in a new house, the cat fumes glided up through my nostrils and slapped my brain around a few times, and I felt incredibly alone and homesick. No matter how much I tried to talk myself out of the panic attack, all I could focus on were the stale dishes in the sink, the cluttered countertops, two cats peering over at me, and cat hair that seemed to cover just about everything.

Lesson:  Change is hard, change is uncomfortable, and change is more often than not, lonely. However, change is not permanent and it is certain that the byproduct of change is growth. It’s understanding that there is no finality to the now, and that it’s more about how I handle the now, and not so much the permanence of the now. Do I handle change with grace or with indignity? I know myself well enough to say that for me, it’s always a bit shameful how I behave in these fleeting, but strong moments of panic. I call the people I love and I reach out for a savior or some sort of answer that will give me resolution, when in actuality, it is I who holds the keys to resolution. That resolution can always be found in a perspective shift!

Health Last week, I woke up with 20-30 red bumps that I thought were bed bug bites, but a week later, I was diagnosed with impetigo – a bacterial skin infection that causes itchy red bumps to form, and if left untreated, efficiently spread throughout your body. My legs and thighs are covered in these obnoxious bumps that at any time, pus or bleed. I am so used to being in control of my body, that I feel unsettled and upset for having this temporal disease.

Lesson: I have come to realize that I tend to think I am invincible when it comes to my own health, and I find myself neglecting signs of ailment. When you are unhealthy, it really affects the quality of your life and it’s impossible to feel your best self. Be proactive about your own health, no one else can do that for you!

Relationship Now, I hesitate to write about this, because I don’t want to cheapen the very thing that I value, but here we go. I’ve recently met a gentleman whose company I really enjoy. The last time I really enjoyed a guy’s company was in high school, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to share the ordinary parts of your day with someone, and have them become extraordinary moments in your day. First and foremost, he is a dear friend, and after working in Berkeley for over a year, it’s so nice to have someone I really jive with. Of course, this is a positive thing, but it also provokes change. It’s hard to be disciplined about my own life when there’s this temptation of spending all of my free time with this person. I found that I was neglecting myself and I felt as though I was falling apart.

LessonIt’s ok to be a 25 year-old girl who is slightly infatuated with this guy (let’s not fight it, people!), but it’s also important to remember that it’s unhealthy to abandon the activities you did that made you definitively you. These were the things I did daily before I met ‘him’ – critically read the news, run on my own, run at the weekly running club, organize outings with friends, write, and study for the GRE. I haven’t honestly done any of those thing since we met, and I find that I’m starting to resent that. I have to organize my time better. Ladies, you can have your cake and eat it too. I’m sure of it and will let you know how I get along with achieving this!

On being 25 I’ve officially entered my mid-20s, and as it is with me, I find this time to be exciting and also nerve-wracking. Doors are wide open, but I get consumed with the thought that the next decision I make will shape the trajectory of my life in such a major way, that decision-making itself becomes paralyzing.

Lesson: To Do Lists are effective. If I rely on To Do Lists at my job, I should rely on them in my personal life as well. As my very wise friend once told me, “Beyoncé has only 24 hours in her day too!”

These past two weeks have [evidently] been mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. I am actively working on having things looking up from here. I summon a perspective shift!



Code Red – Daytime

How many of us have noticed that the girl with the boldest lips in the room also commands the most attention? Red is always a bit scary to wear no matter what your skin tone is, but there comes a day where you just got to try it and own it. Red lips are unapologetically in your face, and I like that!

Here’s my casual, daytime appropriate red lip look. A tip I have to really tie together and clean up a bold lip is a nice clean base and lip liner. Spend a bit more time moisturizing your skin and working that foundation into your skin, and pull out a magnified mirror for a precise trace of your lips.

Daytime Red

Daytime Red 2

Eucerin Daily Protection – I have really dry skin that can get flakey if I’m not consistent with my morning and night skin care routine. I’m always in a mad rush to push back moisture and nutrients into my skin after washing my face. I love that this face lotion is hydrating and has SPF 30. Two in one, always a winner!

Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant– My sister just gifted this product to me for my birthday. Today is my second time wearing it and this stuff is amazing for sunscreen! It’s been incredibly sunny lately, so I am happy to layer this over my Eucerine moisturizer for extra protection. It has a yellow tint to it and smells like bananas to me. Unlike other sunscreens, this feels like a thin moisturizer that does not go on streaky. I’ll be reporting back with a full review in a few weeks!

NARS Pure Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz – This has been my base for the past year, rain or shine. I like the light coverage it gives me. It lets my spots and freckles show through, but it completely mutes down the redness in my skin which is my main concern.

CLINIQUE Quickliner in Intense Ebony – I use this to tight line my upper eyelid to give the illusion of thicker lashes.

Josie Maran Argan Triple Volume Mascara – This mascara is a nice everyday mascara that elongates, thickens, and lifts your eyelashes. It doesn’t clump and your eyelashes just look incredibly lush.

NYX Lipliner in Hot Red – I use this to line my lips and fill them in as well. It’s an orangey-pinkish-red that is pretty just on its own for the daytime. It really lightens up the look and does a nice job locking in my lipstick.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate #107 – This is a matte, deep red/maroon lip color. It’s not the most hydrating lipstick I own, but it also isn’t uncomfortably dry either. I enjoy wearing it and I think it is the perfect tone for day or night. If you have olive/tan skin, this is a really nice drugstore color for you!

Pretty in Pink

I’ve come to realize that regardless of one’s skin tone, the most common and comfortable colors to stick to are browns and bronzes. Bright colors take a bit more effort to apply and pull off, and therefore, most women stray far from them.

I woke up today feeling like I was in a bit of a funk [maybe it was that 6.0 earthquake in California], and often times, my makeup can change how I feel. Instead of reaching for products that are in my comfort zone, I thought I’d brighten things up by creating a more playful, pink look using the following products.

Pretty in Pink 1

Pretty in Pink 2

Pretty in Pink Face

 *All products have been linked to their own pages for more product information.*

NARS Pure Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz – This has been my base for the past year, rain or shine. I like the light coverage it gives me. It lets my spots and freckles show through, but it completely mutes down the redness in my skin which is my main concern. I’m running low, so if you have another tinted moisturizer you suggest I try, please share!

CLINIQUE Bronzer in Sunkissed – When I want a bronze glow, rather than a contour, I go to this pressed powder to bring life back into my face. I generously sweep the product onto the hollows of my cheeks and my temples.

Josie Maran Blush in Passion – I mentioned this blush in my Josie Maran Cosmetics Haul. I like this cool toned pink. It makes me feel pretty. Instantly.

Sephora Sculpting Disk – For this look, I used the ‘Matifying Powder’ and the ‘Highlighting Powder.’ The highlighter has a pink/silvery sheen that I use for the inner corner of my eyes and the top of my cheekbones.

L’Oreal Infallible in Bronzed Taupe – This is a dark taupe that I use all over my lids. I then go back into the socket with the ‘Blush Bronzer’ from the Sephora Sculpting Disk. This is a quick eye look that looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did.

CLINIQUE Quickliner in Intense Ebony – I use this to tight line my upper eyelid and I create a thin line and smudge on the top of my lids as well to give the illusion of thicker lashes.

Josie Maran Argan Triple Volume Mascara – This mascara is a nice everyday mascara that elongates, thickens, and lifts your eyelashes. It doesn’t clump and your eyelashes just look incredibly lush.

Napolean Perdis Lipstick in Electra – If you haven’t found the perfect barbie pink lip color, this is it. I really like to wear this color during the day. The formula is quite heavy and thick, but you can always sheer it out with your fingers and a lip balm.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment in Kiss Me – This is a highly moisturizing lip balm that looks mauve in the tin, but it comes on transparent. I use this to sheer out the lipstick and lighten up the look.

New Philosopher – I couldn’t help but include this magazine. I can’t recommend or rave about this thoughtful collectible enough. It’s a quarterly magazine that chooses one topic of discussion per issue and that topic is inspected, dissected, and analyzed beautifully. If you want a visually stunning magazine and a thoughtful and provoking read, I highly recommend New Philosopher.

Summer Nails – My Top 3!

We are dead in the middle of summer here in Northern California, and although I’ve dabbled in a handful of fun summer colors, I’ve come to love these three in particular.  It’s a bit more difficult for tan girls to find colors that complement their skin tone – a lot of colors tend to make the skin around your nails look discolored. However, I think these three colors would look lovely on anyone, but particularly nice on tan skin. All three of these colors are perfect for spring, summer, or fall, and their formula lasts 4-5 days before chipping.

Summer Nails 1

Summer Nails 2

1) Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in ‘Lust for Lilac’ –  This is a deep, bright pastel lavender that is perfect for spring, summer, or fall. It takes about three coats to get an opaque finish, but the formula is thin, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve added a gooey layer of paint. It’s takes about 8-10 minutes for three layers to completely dry. This formula lasts between 4-5 days before chipping. It’s really lovely and would look great on any skin tone.

2) Revlon Nail Enamel in ‘Siren’ – This is a personal favorite. I LOVE this color. It’s a rich red-orange that is the perfect summer and winter color for tan and darker toned women. It brightens up your hands instantly. In fact, I use this in lieu of a red as well because I haven’t found a nice red for my skin tone. It takes two coats for an opaque finish and takes about 5 minutes to dry completely.

3) Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in ‘Rose Mirage’ – Wow! This is an eye-catching nail color that is chic and beautiful. This is my first glitter polish, and I am sold on the idea. Beforehand, I associated glitter polish with children, but recently, I saw someone wearing an opaque glittery polish on their nails and I was sold. I ran out and got this color. It takes three coats and some patience to apply for an opaque look, and it dries in about 4 minutes.  Since this is glitter, your nails do become rough to the touch, but a clear top coat minimizes the roughness. I’m wearing this right now and I can’t stop looking at my nails!

Josie Maran Cosmetics Haul – First Impressions

I recently completed one year at my first full-time job, and I thought I’d have a small celebration for myself and indulge in a handful of products from Josie Maran Cosmetics that I have been dying to try.

I’ve written about the 100% organic makeup line by Josie Maran Cosmetics before, so I won’t go too deep into the company, but it’s basically a cosmetics company that uses pure, fair trade Moroccan argan oil as their signature ingredient. I appreciate that this company practices mindfulness in whichever way corporately possible – the packaging is eco-friendly and the argan oil is bought from co-ops formed by Moroccan women. I’m all for it!

As a consumer, I know that I have the power to veer my consumer habits into a more mindful direction, and I take pleasure in spending my money on items that have positive and deep consequences. Having said that, I did dig a bit deep into my wallet when I made the following purchases!


Josie Maran HAul



1) Argan Triple Volume Mascara – I’ve been on a hunt for a new mascara because I’ve noticed that when I remove the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, an eyelash or two would fall out. I’ll take a moment to be vain and say that it’s heartbreaking every time that happens. I’ve worn this mascara by Josie Maran a few times now and I really like the natural fluttery finish it gives my lashes. They separate my lashes and provide a nice lift. This mascara doesn’t dry crisp and it also doesn’t run throughout the day. Since I’ve been using this mascara, I’ve been able to forego using an eye makeup remover, and instead, gently lathering my eyes with my face wash. No eyelash fall out!

2) Argan Naturally Long Lasting Eye Liner – I bought these eyeliners purely for the deal. 5 eyeliners for $9! The colors are beautiful, but I’m sad to report that these are a dry, waxy consistency that tug at your skin as you apply. For that reason, the color pay off is poor. The only solution to enhance the quality of these liners is to hold them over a flame for a quick second, but who wants to go through all that trouble? The L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Pencil Eyeliner is 100% better than this formula.


3) Argan Lip Treatment – I’m ecstatic about my every day, every night lip balm by elizabethW which I reviewed in my last post, but a girl can’t have enough lip balms, you know what I mean? The Argan Lip Treatment came in a set of three different colors, which I was happy to add to my collection of lip balms.  The packaging is adorable and the colors are natural and beautiful in the pot. I like the consistency – thin,oily, and not sticky. Unfortunately, the color pay off and scents of these is a disappoint. In the pots, they are clearly three different colors, but it’s so sheer when you apply, that you can’t tell the difference between them. So why have the customer buy all three when one could do the trick? I’m also not a fan of the scent. You have to search high and low to locate the faintest scent of argan oil. I would not recommend these.

4) Argan Lip Gloss in Happy – I needed a light pink lip gloss in my collection, so I wanted to give this a try. It’s a pretty mauve-pink with a gold shimmer running through it. It smells of cotton candy, which [to me] cheapens the experience of applying it instantly. [If you love cotton candy, go for it!] The consistency is everything you would not want in a lip gloss. It’s thick, gooey, and sticky. The only time I can wear this is when my hair is securely pinned back, otherwise I look like a mess with hair sticking to my lips. Not a good look! I would not recommend this, especially since there are so many non-sticky drugstore lip glosses that surpass this one in quality!


5) Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee – This product is no secret in the beauty world. Beauty bloggers have been raving about this for the past year, and I agree with the raucous. The formula is incredibly hydrating and feels like thick water to the touch. The colors look intense in the pot, but with a stippling brush, it deposits the perfect amount of color for a natural flush, and it stays on all day. If you want something a bit more heavy, you can build on it. I highly recommend the cheek gelees.

6) Argan Blush – As a tan girl, I’ve always struggled with finding the right pink blush that would look pretty, and not like I’ve got a mad case of rosacea. This matte blush is a dainty cool toned pink with blue undertones. This is a powder that crumbles quite easily, so I tend to press down on it, and fight my impulse to swirl my brush. I got this blush for $10, and it’s worth it. Not to mention the gorgeous rose gold packaging that it comes in!

7) Argan Color Stick in Happy – The first thing you will notice when you open this product is the scent. Thyme – wow, it’s incredible! This is my favorite cheek product from all three of the Josie Maran cheek products that I own. From the packaging & mechanics (twist up is smooth) to the long-wear this product has – this is a gorgeous product. If you’re a bit tan like me, this is a natural every day cheek color that brings life back into your cheeks after you’ve muted them with your foundation. This color is a rusty-brown with mauve undertones. I apply it directly from the tube to my cheeks and blend in with my fingers. Easy application, long wear, and a color that goes with anything. If you’re looking for one product to try from the cheek line, this is it!

Let’s go south!

… South India that is!

India and Pakistan are on par with their modern renditions of some classic oldies. Music platforms for high-quality collaborations to occur are common in South Asia and the musicianship and arrangements during these collaborations are more than impressive. One of these platforms – Music MOJO – hails from Kerala, India.

I came across this song on Music MOJO’s YouTube channel two days ago and all I want to do is sit, listen, and repeat. It’s a dose of positivity without being overwhelmingly major. The voice and instruments complement each other and move around each other beautifully. I don’t understand a word of what is being sung, but I am happy to be listening to it.

Artist: Job Kurian [male vocalist], Neha Nair [female vocalist], Santhosh Chandran [guitarist], Lead by Manoj George, Herald, Francis & Anoop [string quartet], Paulson [sitar], Yakzan Pereira [keyboard], Ben Sam Jones [bass guitar], Anish [drums]

Song: “Melle Kollum”

Language: Malayalam [?]

Official YouTube Site: Music MOJO