Dance Like No One is Watching

I’ve been turning to a couple of songs lately for a quick and easy energy boost, and I would like to share these songs with you.

These two pop musicians are incredibly talented and well-known in their respective countries, and I thought I’d bring them together for you here. Go ahead and give it a listen. Bust a move!

Artist: Yemi Alade

Song: “Johnny”

Language: Nigerian English

Official YouTube Site: Yemi Alade VEVO

Artist: Stromae

Song: “Tous Les Memes”

Language: French

Official YouTube Site: Stromae VEVO


African Lounge

Spotify really gifts me with new artists all the time, but this one struck a chord. I was listening to Tinariwen, and this was a little surprised tucked away in the playlist.

Today was such a cloudy, still day. This definitely eased me into an energetic state without shocking my senses. Happy listening!

Artist: Fatoumata Diawara

Song: “Bakonoba”

Region: Mali, Africa; France

Language: Wassoulou

Official Page: