A Californian’s British Beauty Haul

I recently had a layover in Heathrow Airport, and I was so excited to use whatever dollars I had left in Boots, a UK-based drugstore. I’ve done a quick makeup look to demonstrate the products I purchased. Product reviews below!

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*All products have been linked to their own pages for more product information.*


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Light Beige 53 – This is the only foundation I’m wearing on my skin in the photo. Light Beige is a perfect match for me and I like the coverage and finish it gives. Two pumps give me medium to full coverage, and the formula is great for dry skin. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches, and if anything, it adds a healthy dose of moisture back into my skin. The Bourjois Foundations & Serums carry a light floral scent this isn’t overbearing. I’ve been wearing this for about two weeks now, and I like the dewy finish it gives and I it’s a nice drugstore foundation for everyday.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Beige 54 – This foundation is a bit light for me, and I haven’t had a chance to wear it very often. It’s similar to the serum, but it’s not as moisturizing and dries a bit more matte than the serum. I will try to use it more often and will give you a full review.


Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette in Light 373 – This palette includes a matte bronzer, a champaign highlighter, and a pink blush with gold shimmer running through it. Let’s talk about the packaging for a second. The only word I can use to describe the packaging is sleek. The product comes in a thin, firm, black, matte casing that includes a large mirror. It’s functional and it helps that all three shades are on point. I really like that the bronzer is matte and that it has an ashy undertone for a more natural finish. The blush is a sophisticated golden-pink that reminds be a lot of the NARS blush in Orgasm. I don’t use highlighters very often, but this is a nice one that doesn’t leave a glittery finish, but rather a “lit from within” glow.


Sleek’s Eau La La Liner in Pumpkin – This is Sleek’s duo pencil that is both an eyeliner and lip liner. I’ve been wanting to experiment with more pops of color on my eyes, so I went bold and got an orange liner. As you can see, I’ve added this to the inner corners of my eyes and lower lash line for an unexpected pop of color. The formula is highly pigmented, though beware, it is a waxy pencil that is difficult to blend.


Sleek’s Matte Me in Fandango Purple – This is the color I’m wearing in the photo. It’s a liquid matte lipstick that is a rich fluorescent purple. I love this color and I think it would suit all skin tones. Since it is a liquid lipstick that dries matte, it is no surprise that your lips get dry and the product begins to build up after about 2 hours of wear. This is a nice color for a short meeting or an evening show, but I wouldn’t recommend it if a lot of eating and talking is involved. Let me take a moment to say that the wand is straight, long, and without any shape to it, so precise application takes quite some time.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist – Don’t let the name fool you. This is definitely a mauve with berry undertones, not a nude. This is another liquid lipstick that sets with a velvet sheen. I purchased this product because Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup raved about this formula in one of her videos, but what she failed to mention is the horrid smell of these formulas. It smells like burning plastic, and it really leaves much to be desired. I was unimpressed by the formula and this particular color as well. Though it looks mauve in the tube, it comes on a bit orange on me. The packaging is quite nice, and I do like the doe-foot applicator. I couldn’t stand the smell of it, so I haven’t kept it on long enough to honestly test the formula.