“No Makeup, Makeup Look” Serious Drugstore Edition

Hello and happy Sunday! Out of all of the beauty blogs and YouTube videos out there, I find myself drawn to the “No Makeup, Makeup Look.” This look is appropriate for many occasions – from work, to the coffee shop, to a date.

Many women who do the “No Makeup, Makeup Look” still look like they have tons of makeup on, and I’ve tried to minimize the number of products I have used, and seriously create a “No Makeup, Makeup Look.” All of the products below are from the drugstore, and as a side note, this is also a perfect starter kit for those of you who are just getting into makeup. I hope you like it, and please do share any personal tips you have!

No Makeup Makeup Look 1

 *All products have been linked to their own pages for more product information.*

No makeup makeup 3

This is the “After” Shot. Check out my Twitter feed for the “Before” Shot!


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Light Beige 53 – This is the only foundation I’m wearing on my skin in the photo. Light Beige is a perfect match for me and I like the coverage and finish it gives. Two pumps give me medium to full coverage, and the formula is great for dry skin. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches, and if anything, it adds a healthy dose of moisture back into my skin. The Bourjois Foundations & Serums carry a light floral scent this isn’t overbearing. I’ve been wearing this for about two weeks now, and I like the dewy finish it gives and I it’s a nice drugstore foundation for everyday.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20 – I had heard loads about this concealer and that a few beauty bloggers liked this more than the NARS creamy concealer. Though I haven’t tried the NARS concealer, I don’t feel like there is much of a need because this product does a great job concealing and highlighting under my eyes.


NYX Blush in Terra Cotta – This is marketed as a blush, but a wonderful way to add a natural shadow is to use your bronzer/blush. I use this in my crease and along my lower lashes to add subtle depth and dimension.

L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black – This is a handy liner to have from the drugstore. I like the sturdy twist up applicator, and there’s a sharpener that comes along with this as well. I use this to tight-line my upper lid to add depth and to give the illusion of thicker lashes.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black/Brown – The formula of this mascara includes small fibers which add a healthy amount of volume and length. I really like the consistency of the product – it’s wet, adds volume & length, and doesn’t clump! For a less severe look, I like to use brown mascara.

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama in Transparent – I’ve been pretty lucky with my brows. They are dark and dense, and all I have to do is pluck them once a week to maintain a strong shape. I’ve noticed that the shape of my brown changes throughout the day, so I picked up this brow gel to keep the stray hairs from having a field day. I really like the shape of the wand. It’s bulbous at the tip, and tapers out into a standard mascara wand towards the end. For a natural look, I’ve gone with the transparent formula and swept up and away from the center of my face. The formula is nice – not crispy or heavy.


NYX Blush in Terra Cotta – This was the first purchase of many that I made after getting hooked onto Essie Button’s beauty blog and YouTube Channel. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out. She’s great! This is a subtle shimmery bronzer with peach undertones. I use this along my temples and under my cheek bones. It subtly adds definition back into my face.


Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in Rose Mauve, 712 – I prepped my lips by rubbing Aquaphor into them, and topped it off with this liner from Kiko. For me, THIS is definitely a ‘my lips but better color.’ This lip pencil is highly pigmented and goes on smooth. I used my fingers to blend them out for a stained look.


Daily Look as of Late: Sick Days

I’ve been ill for the past two weeks, and for the most part, I stayed at home incredibly unmotivated to do much of anything. Sometimes, when you’re ill, it’s easy to have a sour attitude, and looking dreadful for days on end really exacerbates things. In fact, my hideous [but also incredibly comfortable] pajamas came out of the closet, and I don’t think I ran a comb through my hair for a few days. Guys, that’s how I roll when I’m ill. Anyhow, there came a point in my week, where I thought, “Enough, girl. Let’s get it together.”

Nothing helps me “get it together” more than a shower and doing my makeup. Everything else falls into place. So I got to doing my makeup in the mornings, and I focused on brightening, while keeping things light and natural.  And you know what? I felt better!

Before- Daily Look as of Late

Before Makeup Talble 1

After- Makeup Table 2

Daily Look as Of Lick - Sick Days

 *All products have been linked to their own pages for more product information.*


The key to brightening up your face without piling on concealer is to exfoliate, moisturize, and use high-coverage foundation – apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer that is every so slightly lighter than your natural skin tone.  This really brightens your face up and makes you look well rested and radiant. 

Origins ‘Charcoal Mask’ – This is a new product for me, and it’s quite evident from the first image that my face has seen better days. I have quite a few spots, and I needed a deep clean. I applied a thin layer of this paste onto my face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Washed off with warm water and patted dry.

Origins ‘A Perfect World’ Moisturizer – After the charcoal mask, I ran to this moisturizer to hydrate my skin before it had a chance to go dry and tight. I’ve been looking for a more luxurious daily moisturizer than Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizer, and I’ve been wanting to test Origins’ waters for a while now. I thought now would be a good time to splurge on an item. [Sometimes, even for a fleeting minute, purchasing a gift for yourself can make your day. Isn’t that so?] This is a pricey item for the amount you get, but it is such a rich moisturizer and I can feel the quality as I massage this into my skin.  I also foresee that this will last for a good 6-8 months before running out because you really don’t need much to moisturize your entire face. So far so good!

Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer in Light 1 – This is a new product that I am trying to use in lieu of my NARS Tinted Moisturizer. It comes in  6 self-adjusting shades. I was torn between Light 1 and Light 2, but after they adjusted to my skin tone, I gravitated to Light 1 because it made me look brighter and luminous. This is a very thick formula that takes some arm work to buff into your skin. It also takes a good 5-10 minutes to adjust to your skin tone. It gives medium coverage, and I also used it over my blemishes as concealer. My skin does not look flawless, but I’m ok with that for the day-to-day grind.


The first give-aways that you are ill or not feeling your best are your eyes. Discoloration seems much more apparent when you haven’t slept well and feel ill. The days my eyes look dull, I spend an extra moment smoothing my foundation over my lids and I add a bit more foundation love to the areas under my eyes. This really helps to even out your skin tone and you’ll feel and look much more awake! For eye shadows, use natural color schemes that are illuminating to help with brightening that area. 

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Iced Latte – This is a beautiful champagne color that instantly brightens up my eyes. I used my finger to apply this all over my lids, inner tear duct, and dragged some under my bottom lashes with a brush. This line of eye shadows is fantastic for the drugstore!

Stila Eye Shadow in Light Apricot – This is a pinkish-mauve color that is very pigmented. I applied this on top of my lids over the Iced Latte and dragged my brush along my lower lashes as well.

Clinique Eye Liner in Intense Ebony – This is an eyeliner that I talk about often, mainly because I use it so often! I tight lined my upper eyelid and closely traced my top lashes to give some depth and fullness to my eyes.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude – A great drugstore eyeliner that I’ve mentioned in a post before. I love using this to line my lower inner rim to open , lift, and brighten up my eyes. Be gentle as you apply, as it can look odd after being applied with a heavy hand.

Josie Maran Argan Triple Volume Mascara – This mascara is a nice everyday mascara that elongates, thickens, and lifts your eyelashes. It doesn’t clump and your eyelashes just look incredibly lush.


I’ve been emphasizing my blush more than my bronzer lately and I like the finished look! A generous dose of pink blush keeps you looking youthful and vibrant, and again, brightens up your face. I sill use a bit of a bronze color to add definition to my face, but the focus is on my pink cheeks as opposed to my chiseled, bronze cheek bones. 

NYX Blush in Terra Cotta – This was the first purchase of many that I made after getting hooked onto Essie Button’s beauty blog and YouTube Channel. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out. She’s great! This is a subtle shimmery bronzer with peach undertones. I use this along my temples and under my cheek bones. It puts definition back into my face after it being washed out by my foundation.

Josie Maran Blush in Passion – A perky pink that I’ve come to love. I really enjoy using this daily and I’ve been extra generous with my dose of blush while being ill. It’s very pigmented and brightens up my face!


For days that I’m unwell, I usually stick to lip balm, but I recently got this item from Sephora and I really like this color and the texture of this product. It’s light, glossy, and very moisturizing for a lipstick. 

Makeup For Ever Lipstick in Artist Natural – An incredibly moisturizing and translucent lipstick in a rusty – nude color that keeps this look appropriate for days you’re not feeling so well.